Monday, March 25, 2013

3 months

Kate is becoming so fun.

She is one crazy, beautiful, serious, kicking, fake crying, smiling, drooling, butterfly lover, babbling, TV watching, and bubble making baby.

She has so many faces.
They kill me and I love them.
Here is Kate and her adorable faces at 3 months!
why so serious, Kate?
her "oooo" face

These next faces all happened within a minute of each other.
This is pretty much Kate on a daily basis.
"enough with the pictures, dad"
"my binky always makes it better"
"I'm happy again! Take my picture."
"I love my butterfly"
"Mom you are so funny!"

 "I''m cute and I know it"

I love Kate's eyes.  They are one of her prettiest features.  
She has her daddy to thank for her great eyelashes!


  1. I love her sweet little coos! She is the cutest!

  2. She is adorable! Just got the announcement in the mail, it now is clipped to the side of my fridge. She has already gotten one compliment from a friend of mine for having such "gorgeous features." You make beautiful babies :)