Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4 Months

How is my baby already 4 months old?  Sometimes it feels like she is older.  Other days I wish she were still a newborn.  When I look at pictures of Kate as a newborn I cannot even remember her looking or being as small as she was.  I am sad I cannot remember those days but I sure love the little girl she is becoming.
This past month Kate has seemed to really blossom.  She is becoming a much happier baby.  She had her first giggles this past month.  Her Uncle Derek was able to get them out of her which is quite fitting.  He is the comedian in the Nielson family.  Since then, we have gotten her to giggle a couple of times.  When we get her to giggle we will try the same thing the next time and she won't have it.  What was once funny becomes boring to her...funny girl.  We keep having to try new, crazy things to get her to laugh.  It is quite the task.
 Kate is such a mover.  It seems like she is wiggling all the time.  She used to be such a good girl and sit still when I would change her diaper.  Now she pushes her feet against my hand to move backwards when I try to put her diaper on.  She thinks she is pretty funny but it is not easy to put a diaper on a moving baby.  Kate has rolled from her tummy to her back quite a few times.  She is working on rolling from her back to her tummy.  I think it will happen any day now.  She is so close.
 Kate's new thing is to reach and grab things.  She wants to touch everything.  Her hands are now in her mouth all the time.  She loves to look at her hands and mine.  She could grab and play with my hands for hours.  She has also discovered her feet and will grab for them when I change her diaper.  She isn't obsessed with them like she is her hands but I am sure she will like them more in a few weeks time.
 Kate is the little talker/singer.  Her voice is so cute.  Kate will sometimes lay in her crib and talk to herself.  When she does this I like to hide and watch her because if she sees me she usually stops.  It is so fun to see her using her voice.  Kate will also sing along with us when we sing to her.  At church on Sunday she sang through the sacrament hymn.  I couldn't stop laughing but it was the cutest thing. 

I love this little video of Kate.  It seems she is trying to figure out how she is going to get her binky in her mouth without any hands.

I cannot wait to see what Kate learns and does next month!


  1. Yay! A Kate update!!

    Noah and I watched the video together, and he was whispering excitedly, "Kate!" through the whole thing with a little smile on his face. At the end, he said, "That's crazy!" I'm not sure what was crazy about it, but I'm glad that Noah is so excited about his cousin!

    She is TO DO FOR cute. And I LOVE her Vera Bradley outfit. If we ever have a baby girl, I may just have to borrow it.