Friday, March 15, 2013

Kate's Blessing

 Kate received a special blessing from her daddy on February 17th.
Nate gave her a beautiful blessing.  I am so grateful he holds the priesthood and uses it on a daily bases to bless our home.
Nate blessed  Kate that she would have no other desire than to return to her Heavenly Father's presence.  That she would come to understand the Atonement and how it works in her life.  He blessed her to have a desire to read the scriptures and come to know the promises and blessing in store for her.  He blessed her to have a desire to come to know Heavenly Father and Jesus through prayer.  He also blessed her that she would associate with good people and have a healthy, strong body.
 Kate was an angel during the blessing.  I was nervous she was going to start screaming if she was awake so I hoped she would fall asleep right before the blessing. Of course she didn't sleep but she was perfect and wide eyed the whole time.
 Kate was lucky enough to get her dress made by her Grandma Sally.
The dress turned out so cute and looked beautiful on Kate.
These great men held Kate in a circle as her dad gave the blessing.
Kate is lucky to have so many great men in her life who love her. 

We were blessed to have most of our family at the blessing.
We love our family so much and were grateful for those who traveled to be with us for Kate's special day.

Grandma and Grandpa Cuoio
Cuoio's and Grandma Carlson
There are only granddaughters on the Cuoio side.
4 generations+me

Grandma and Grandpa Nielson
Nielson Family
4 Generations
I am so lucky to be Kate's mom. 
Kate's blessing day was so special and I really felt the love her Heavenly Father has for her.  

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