Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On the Road

We have had a busy Christmas break and a lot of it has been on the road.
Nate finished school on the 15th, I finished teaching on the 16th, then we headed south to Poky on the 17th.
Moscow-Poky: 556 Miles.

The 1st week of Christmas break consisted of relaxing, sleeping in, spending time with family and grandparents, shopping, and preparing for Christmas day.
This week was needed since the week after Christmas would be spent on a road trip.

Christmas Eve was spent with the Nielson's.
Dinner consisted of ham and potato casserole with warm homemade rolls.
We then had a little program. We read Christmas stories and sang Christmas songs.

Christmas Day was split between the Nielson's and Cuoio's.
The morning was spent with the Nielson's.
We started the day off going to church.
We then indulged ourselves with pumpkin waffles.
Opening presents came next.

This year, I was surprised with the presents I received.
The past couple of years I have picked out most of my presents but this year I did not really know what I wanted so I left it up to my mom and Nate to find me things.

My first pair of toms

I cannot wait to use my new cast iron pot!
Nate had no ideas for presents either.
He received money...
and more money... He was excited!

The kids showing off clothes and my new boots.

Christmas afternoon was spent with the Cuoio's.
We enjoyed dinner and opening presents with the whole family.
We came away with money, clothes, a fun black and white camera and a photo/history book about the Cuoio family. No photos:(

Now for our long Road Trip.
Started in Pocatello and headed south for Las Vegas: 590 Miles.
We spent Monday Evening-Thursday Morning in Vegas with the Nate's parents, Andrew and Camille.
We enjoyed
the Australian Bee Gees.
the circus.
It was my first circus and I was very entertained.
Nate loved this guy. He did a routine with a whip.

the Cosmo.

walking the strip with the lights.

On Thursday Morning we headed to Sacramento to spend the weekend with the Nielson's.
Vegas to Sacramento: 559 Miles.
Thursday night we went to the Sacramento Kings vs. Chicago Bulls basketball game.
We watched Jimmer and Derrick Rose go head to head and Derrick totally won.

Before the game we watched the teams warm up.
Jimmer is going in.
Derrick Rose at the line.
He was really fast.
He was amazing to watch.
He made playing basketball look so easy.
Friday we went to Fairfield, CA.
Sacramento-Fairfield: 42.8 miles.
We spent the morning at the Jelly Bean Factory.
There are a lot of pictures made out of jelly beans. Did you know Jelly Beans became famous because of Ronald Reagan.

That afternoon we shopped.

In the evening we attended another wedding reception for Cole and Sara.
Nate was this happy to be thereAs the night went on, he cheered up.

Saturday we went to San Francisco.
Fairfield to San Fran and back: 94.8 Miles.
We started off at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Then Lombard Street
(the crookedest street in the world)

We then headed to Fishermans' Wharf for some clam chowder and shrimp.
Pier 39 was next.
Alcatraz not too far from Pier 39
Our last stop of the day was Union Square to look around and shop.
They had a Macy's in two buildings with 6 stories each.
All the merchandise was overwhelming.
How does someone choose what to buy when there is so much to choose from?

Union Square has some interesting people.
Actually San Fran has a lot of interesting people.
They dress up to make money.
Angel dude.
That evening we headed back to Fairfield to ring in the New Year at Sara's house.
We ate good food, Nate played b-ball and noodle hockey, and I did some dancing before midnight struck.

Nate bought these lovely glasses in Vegas to help ring in the New Year.
They were a hit.

On Sunday we hit the road back to Poky.
Fairfield- Poky: 740 Miles.

In a few days we will make our way back north to Moscow.
Poky to Moscow: 556

At the end of our Christmas break we will have traveled 3,138.6 miles + all the miles driving in the cities.

There was a lot of time spent on the road this Christmas but we have enjoyed spending time with both families.
Once we get back to Moscow we will hibernate from driving long distances for the semester.

We love weddings

October and November consisted of weddings on the Nielson side.
Derek and Cole found amazing girls.
They are wonderful. We love them both!

The weddings took place in the Salt Lake Temple.
Both days were chilly but they were beautiful.

In October, Derek and Alli were married. I already posted about this but I am going to post photos from the photographer.

It's official.
Love this one.
We love dancing!
November was Cole and Sara's wedding.
They were married the weekend before Thanksgiving and the celebrating lasted for a week.
There was a dinner the night before their marriage, a reception in North Salt Lake on the wedding day and then the next week their was a reception in Pocatello.

Wedding Dinner
The Happy Couple

Utah Reception
First dance
Grandpa Stratford with the couple.
My cousin Ella
The day after the wedding, my parents took us to Grand America for brunch.
They have the best brunch.
The food is top notch.
Way too much food was eaten but it was delicious.
The happy newlywed couple also joined us.

The growing family
Between bites, we laughed.
Adored Noah.
Enjoyed one another.

Pocatello Reception
My mom sure knows how to decorate.
Mom's creamed pie.

Noah with his new tie I made him.
There was a lot of celebrating these past couple of months.
We enjoyed spending time with family and are grateful for the new additions to our family.