Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yesterday we went to WSU to pick apples. We had a great time with our friends the Cahoon's (Brett, Hailey, and Noah). We walked the rows of trees picking, talking and sampling the apples. They were delicious.

It was such a beautiful fall day in Northern Idaho.

Nate thought this branch was amazing...so we had to get a picture with it.

(The Cahoon's)

Nate thinks Noah is the cutest baby and will be one happy dad
if our children look anything like him.

From our apple picking adventure we came home with 22 lbs of apples. The next
few days I will be busy eating apples, making apples sauce, apple pie, and
Nate wants me to try and make apple cider. Hopefully it all goes well!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I like to make messes...

I like to make messes... when I cook.

Nate says I am really good at it too.

I cannot argue with him because he is right.

Look at what I did to myself today.

I don't think these pictures do the mess justice. The mixture of cocoa and water was everywhere. I think we might find cocoa in places we would not expect for the next few months.
It was horrible but funny.

I also bumped the cocoa off the counter and it ended up all over the floor...oops.

I will let you know I followed the directions but they were crappy directions. Right after I put the water, butter and cocoa together in the Kitchen Aid...I knew it would be disastrous. When I turned my Kitchen Aid on I realized I was probably supposed to melt those things in a saucepan. Too bad it was too late because everything had gone everywhere. I was right about the melting because as I read over the directions again it said to pour those ingredients into the dry ingredients. Well why the heck did they not tell me to bring those things to a boil on the stove? Oh well, Nate and I had a great laugh and the cake thankfully tasted yummy topped with ice cream and strawberries!!