Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2 Months

It is hard to believe Kate is 2 months. 
I remember watching a baby for a day last year and it was the longest day of my life.
I was afraid it would be that way when I had a child but thank goodness there not.
Days with Kate go by so fast and we don't even do much.
I'm surprised how fast they go and some days I wish time would slow down.

Kate's first month of life was easy but her second month has not been as easy.
Some days Kate is so hard.
She is a horrible napper.  She loves her cat naps.
She naps best when being held and if I try and put her down she wakes right up.  
It's the worst.
Kate can sometimes be super fussy.
It's usually when she's not getting enough sleep during the  day.
By the evening she is overly tired and it can be hard to calm her down to get her to sleep.
But once she is asleep she sleeps really good! 
Kate loves to be held.  
She is not content to lay on her back or sit in her swing while mommy gets things done.  
I really hate to hear Kate cry so I hold her a lot.
For the most part I love holding her and realize I won't be able to do this with other kids.
I'm trying to enjoy this time I have with her because I know in a couple of months she will not want to be held.

She is still cute when she cries.
 Even though Kate can be hard, I love spending my days with her.
I wouldn't want it any other way.
Kate had her 2 month checkup last week.
She is now 9lb 8oz and 21.5 in. 
She is in the 10th and 12th percentile.

Every day Kate is growing and learning and it is so fun to watch her.
When she smiles her whole face lights up.
I pretty much melt every time she smiles at me.


When Kate will sit in her swing she likes to touch the cat that hangs down.
She sometimes gets so excited when she touches it.
It is so fun to watch her get excited when she has done something by herself.

Kate is beginning to be more responsive to mine and Nate's voices.
She thinks we are the greatest.
We are waiting for the day when she gives us a "real" laugh.

I think Kate is a beautiful baby.
She has amazing eyes with great, long, dark eyelashes.
Her olive skin color is so pretty, too.
She is pretty much perfect.

When my baby Kate goes down at night I am so grateful she is mine. 
I watch her as she sleeps peacefully in her bassinet and thank my Heavenly Father for her.
I want her to stay like this forever but I also cannot wait for her to grow up.
Happy 2 months Kate!


Friday, February 1, 2013

Newborn Pics

 Here is a picture overload of my beautiful Kate.
I cannot get enough of her.


Pictures by the amazing Molly Landon.