Sunday, June 26, 2011

Becoming A Housewife!

My good friend Jeminee Pahl is getting married in about 10 days. I could not be more excited for her! I threw her a "50's Housewife" bridal shower the other week. I have never given a bridal shower before but I think it turned out well (thanks to my mom and friend Rachel).

For the shower the girls were supposed to wear red lipstick and high-heels
--going with the housewife theme.

When the girls arrived they picked out an apron to wear for the party. My mom and I made the aprons. We found fabric that was somewhat vintage and then mixed and matched them for the skirt and waistband. I think they turned out cute!

We then made pizza on the grill!
--had to use our housewife skills to make dinner and so our aprons could go to good use!

Once all the fun of eating, playing games and opening presents was over we went outside to get some pictures with my grandpa's 1963 Ford Galaxy Convertible.
--it's kind of a 50's thing right?

Thanks for getting married Jem so our friends could get together and have
some fun trying to be "good housewives"!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Two weeks ago we headed to the beautiful island of Kauai!
It was such a fun trip.
We loved the nice warm weather...with the small warm rain showers.
We loved relaxing on the warm, sandy beaches.
We didn't really love getting carsick but we loved when the road came to an end.
We loved swimming with the fish and turtles.
We loved the gratitude devotionals we had each day!
We loved laughing...mostly at Derek.
We loved we didn't die when we got caught in a huge wave.
We (or Nate) loved his sun tan oil and getting a nice brown tan.
We loved being in nature and seeing the "Garden Island."
We loved the beautiful, green scenery.
We loved kayaking and hiking.
Most of all we loved being with family and creating memories!
We pretty much loved everything!!

(Family photos)

(hike to the waterfall)

(Where the road came to an end... Beautiful!)
(The couples...yes Tanner and Cole were a couple on the trip)

(One big happy family)
(getting sick of family photos)

(We are pretty cool)
(Love my parents! This trip could not have happened with out them.)

(Tennis--the courts were wet but we were determined to play)

(My 1st coconut. Pretty tasty but not as sweet as I would have thought)
(Love the beaches)
(Love him!!)
(The boys showing off their nice bodies)


(loving the sun)

(Getting ready to kayak...Love this picture)

(Goodbye Kauai)