Monday, May 2, 2011

Friends, Family, Graduation

After I finished student teaching I went to Pocatello to finish up and submit my Teacher Works Sample and to graduate! I was also able to play tennis a couple of times and watch Tanner play a few baseball games. He had an amazing diving catch and some great hits! I was wishing for some warmer weather down south but as we all know Pocatello likes to be cold, windy and rainy.

When I went to Provo to hand in my TWS I met up with two of my old roommates for lunch.
It was so fun catching up and to see what fun, new adventures they are looking forward too! Hopefully next time all 7 of us will be able to have lunch!
The following week, on April 21st and 22nd, Ashley Marie Nielson Cuoio Graduated from BYU!

I graduated from the School of Family Life with a degree in Family and Consumer Science Education (a fancy name for Home Economics). It was fun to see friends from my major and professors who have changed my life.
Brother Cole also graduated with a degree in Exercise Science!
Thanks mom and dad for supporting me through college. I don't know if
I would have been able to do it without you.
Grandpa Nielson also came for the festivities.

My parents have 2 graduates down and 2 to go! Next week Ryan graduates from Dental School and in June Tanner graduates from high school! Way to go Nielson Family!

After bring apart for a little more than 2 weeks the best part of the week was seeing this guy! I thought Nate would have no problem with me being away since he was so independent before we got married but he missed me after only being gone a few days! It is always nice to be missed, especially by your husband.
We are now back in Moscow! Nate has taken 1 final and has 4 more to go. Next Friday we will head to Pocatello for the summer! Things I am looking forward to this summer:

*Warm weather (hopefully it comes soon, I need a tan before...)
*Hawaii with the family!
*Reading Books
*Sewing (clothes and bags and maybe a quilt)
*Running and working out (I have been doing really good this spring
so lets just hope I stay motivated)
*My best friends wedding! Ya Jem!
*My 1st Nephew!
*Friends and