Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3 Important Updates

This handsome fella turned 30 last week!

Of course I had to make his favorite cake...poppy seed.
I think it's the best one I have made yet!
I saved the best for him:)

And he was so happy about his new quilt!
I still cannot believe I made this.

Derek is getting married!
My family loves Alli and
I cannot wait to have another sister!

Although there is not a ring yet...Cole is getting married!
Hip-hip hooray for two more sisters for me!

I couldn't be happier for my brothers.
They have found great girls and I love them both!

Cannot wait for the celebrations! Congrats Big Brothers!

Summer Sewing

This summer I have been busy sewing. I don't think I have done this much sewing in this short of time since taking my sewing classes in college.
It has been really fun and rewarding.
The things I have made I am actually going to use!
That's right not everything I make turns out the way I hope it will.

My first sewing project was making onesies for my nephew, Noah. All over Etsy they have cute onesies so I copied the idea from ones I saw there. I made my own patterns and starting sewing.

They turned out a lot cuter than I imagined and Noah looks cute in the sailboat onesie too!

My second project was finishing a quilt I started two summers ago. I started it when me and Nate were dating and it was supposed to be for his 28th birthday. Since it didn't get done I decided it would be for his 29th birthday. That didn't happen either.
For Nate's 30th birthday he finally received his quilt.

I cannot tell you how joyous it felt when this puppy was done. It was not an easy quilt and luckily my mother helped me. One square probably took 30 minutes to make. I loved how it turned out but if I knew it was going to take me this long I would not have done it.

My 3rd and 4th projects were a purse and a bag. I bought this great Amy Butler book that has 26 patterns to make bags, purses and clutches.
Here is the purse.

This bag I am going to use for church.

I think they both turned out great!

I think my next sewing project is to make a tablecloth and napkins. I am going to use a twin set of Amy Butler sheets that I bought on clearance at TJMaxx.
I will let you know how it goes.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Today is a Very Good Day

I awoke to the song of rain this morning. It was beautiful.

I rolled over and learned I became Aunt Ashley at 1:51 a.m. to Noah Atticus.

He is beautiful!

As I fell back to sleep I was reminded of a song that has to do with rain and Noah.
My mom used to sing it to me and my brothers to wake us up in the morning.
It goes a something like this...

The Lord said to Noah there's going to be a floody, floody.
The Lord said to Noah there's going to be a floody, floody.
Get those animals out of the muddy, muddy.
Children of the Lord.
Rise and Shout and sing out your glory, glory.
Rise and Shout and sing out your glory, glory.
RISE AND SHOUT and sing out your glory, glory.
Children of the Lord.
(do you know this song Rachel?...we can teach it to you to sing to Noah)
I can tell you right now our family is singing glory for this little one!

We have been praying for his little one for a long time.

The wait has finally come to an end and Noah is perfect!

Rachel looks like a natural mother already...
and Ryan a natural father!

I cannot wait to meet you Noah!

I love you already!