Thursday, August 19, 2010


We have made it to Moscow. We rolled in last Tuesday evening after a 10 hour drive. We have settled into our nice apartment and have pretty much figured out the city since it is small.
(My dad took this picture as he was leaving back to Poky at like 5 in the morning. I think the sky is way pretty. We are the top right.)

Moscow is a little city. It has so many hills and a lotof trees. You cannot see the whole city from one spot in the city because there are so many hills and there is not a tall enough one to over look the city. This is one thing we do not like about it because we love to see the city and see what is around us. There is not a whole lot here and not a whole lot to do. They do however have a mall that is better than Pocatello's because it has a Macy's.

So what have we been up to since we arrived?
The first few days consisted of us unpacking and organizing our things, figuring things out for school, going to the mall every day for internet because the internet people could not come and set ours up for a week, and figuring out campus (it seems like half of campus consists of sororities and fraternities).

On Saturday we went to Spokane to go to the temple. It is the smallest operating temple. This means you have to make an appointment to go. We did not know this so we had to wait in the waiting area to see if there would be room the already full session. About 10 minutes before the session was supposed to start the Temple President came out of the temple and asked if we were apart of a wedding party that was about to take place. Of course we weren't and we said we did not know that we had to make an appointment to go to a session. He went back into the temple and talked to the temple workers and they added some fold up chairs so we could go to the session we wanted to. It was such a blessing because we would have had to wait an hour and fifteen minutes. After we went to the temple we went to downtown Spokane and walked around and went to eat.

After we went to the temple we went to downtown Spokane and walked around and went to eat. They had this great park there. This monument is in the park to honor the railroad.

On Monday, Nate started his orientation that goes all week. Thank goodness it is over tomorrow. It has been a couple of slow days without him. It will be good once school starts so we both can be busy.

Wednesday was Nate's birthday! He turned 29! We had some couples over for poppy seed cake and cheesecake. Nate blew all 28 candles out (was supposed to be 29 but Ashley cannot count...oops). Nate was all right with it because he thinks 29 is old.

Nate got some nice new brown church shoes for his birthday that he has been needing.
(showing off his shoes that he loves!)

We are excited for this new adventure in Moscow even though it seems way to far from home (at least for Ashley).