Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Break

Last week was Nate's Spring Break.
We spent the first couple of days in Sun Valley with family and friends.
 Nate skied and I stayed with Kate.
Kate and I met up with everyone in the lodge while they gave their legs a rest.
I had to add this photo of Tanner.  He has some serious hair issues.
Kate had a rough couple of days when we were in Sun Valley.  
As you can see from the pictures she wouldn't even crack a smile.
When anyone besides me or Nate held her she would pretty much freak out.
Grandma Sally was so sad about this.  
She likes to pride herself on her baby soothing techniques but Kate was not having it.
Kate just wanted her mommy:)
I decided to go off of dairy and it seems to be helping.
Kate has been a much happier baby recently! 

This face kills me. I love her!

After Sun Valley we headed to Pocatello. 
Me and Kate spent our days hanging with family, sleeping, Kate even took a nap in her car seat so I could play tennis, picking out fabric for Kate's crib, shopping, and me taking way too many cute pictures of Kate.  Nate spent a lot of his time working on his upper division paper:( Not the most exciting thing to be doing on his break but he needs to get that stupid paper done!

Luckily, Nate did take some time to hang with his little gal.

It was a nice little break for our family. 
We have loved being close to family these past couple of months.
Every couple of weeks we get to see them and they get to see Kate and how she is changing and growing.  They sure spoil her and love her.
We love that they love her so much!

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  1. okay love your family! Tell sally the baby whisperer hello haha. She is getting so big ash! BEAUTIFUL! (oh blaire hated dairy. but now i can have my beloved cereal! she is doing much better-IT DOESN"T LAST FOREVER!)