Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend without Nathan

This weekend was the first weekend Nathan and I have been apart since I came to school in Provo. Next weekend wont be any better because I will be home in like 8 days and what is the point in spending money on gas when Ashley will be home two days later?? Two and a half weeks is a long time for us... basically forever! The longest we have been apart was when I went to El Salvador for a week. While I was there, we did not even get to talk to each other so at least we get to talk to each other on the phone every day which makes it seem like we are not so far apart. It has been hard being apart, but Thanksgiving break will be here before we know it and we cannot wait! This time apart has given us a new perspective to the old adage, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder".
Since Nate and I were apart this weekend it was not the most exciting weekend for me. Okay...maybe a few exciting things happened but the rest of the weekend was spent trying(that is the key word) to study for the Praxis (a test you have to take to become a teacher), waking up at 6:30 on Saturday morning to take the Praxis at 7:30, working Saturday afternoon, and not seeing Nate once.
So, for the very best part of my weekend....It started at 10:30 Saturday night. My roommates and I have been wanting to have a craft day for a few weeks and since Nate was not here we decided this weekend would be perfect. Our craft night consisted of making cute headbands...I am sure all of you have seen the cute headbands everyone is wearing now a days but since we did not want to spend the money to buy them, we decided to make them. We bought some cheap headbands and the stretch headbands and covered them in ribbon and then put buttons or fabric flowers on them. One of my roommates put feathers on her headband and it turned out super cute. They were easy and they turned out really cute. I am sure we will be making more soon since we did not have much time to work on them! Here are some pictures to show you my two creations.

If you are into headbands but you do not want to pay the money for them I would recommend making them yourself. They are fun and easy to make. Get a group of your friends together and have a party...it will be a blast! Happy Headband Making!!

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  1. Cute headbands! I especially like the flatter one. I haven't quite gotten used to the big flower jutting out of the side of the head, although I know that it is totally "in." I see so many girls wearing that these days.

    It must be hard for you and Nate to be separated! As you know, after Ryan and I had been dating for a year, I decided to go to El Sal for the summer (my way of compensating for the fact that I wouldn't be able to go on a mission), and we only talked about three times during my entire three-month stay. I missed him SO MUCH, but it DEFINITELY made the heart grow fonder! :) We wrote each other the most romantic emails! To this day, I love getting emails from Ryan! Does Nate email you? HE SHOULD!

    Love you!