Saturday, December 5, 2009

Not so Project Runway!

The overzealous mechanical up and down pitter patter of a sewing machine can wear on your ears. I'll tell you what's worse, the sound of 12 sewing machines in non-harmonic competition for 4 straight hours! Where did Nate spend his Saturday afternoon? ... In the BYU sewing lab. Ashley suggested that I come with her to work today and since I don't see her during the week, I thought I had better take advantage. Not that it was horrible, because it wasn't, but it's just a long time to be in a basement full of not so exciting things (at least to me). For me it was like being stuck watching 4 hours straight of the worst Project Runway episode I have ever seen. That sounds harsh, I know, but just not my thing. My only salvation... access to the internet in a chair that's too short and slides away from the counter where the computer rests. Sorry Ash... I love you with all my heart, but this will probably be my first and last 4 hour session in the BYU sewing lab!

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