Saturday, November 7, 2009

January or May

So... family, friends, and frequent followers... Ashley and I have a question. We'll it's actually more like a survey. For the past couple of months we've been brooding over this subject and we're almost 97.9% sure we've reached our decision. However, we thought it would be fun to ask each of our valued readers what their opinion is with regard to this life changing matter.

First, the question: When should Ashley and Nate get married?

Second, the options: Some time in January or May

Third, the madness behind each option: Why January and Why May

Why January:
  1. Ashley and Nate don't have to endure 5 more months of painfully miserable separation during the week. (Nate and his gasoline tab are getting sick of the round-trip drive from Pocatello to Provo almost every weekend)
  2. They can begin to reap benefits much sooner. Nate reap the benefits of Ashley's cooking expertise on a daily basis. Ashley reap the benefits of being entertained by Nate's silliness on a daily basis.
  3. When you're engaged, you love someone and want to spend every waking moment with that person. Who wants to wait another 6 months and 20 days?
Why May:

1. "It's cold! Who wants a January wedding?"(Ash) May is a much warmer time of year.
2. It's not the prettiest time of year. Well maybe that's an understatement. It's butt ugly in Ashley's opinion. She didn't use those exact words, but you can imagine who did.
3. Ashley would be stressed out with planning a wedding for January while finishing up a tough semester. May gives Ashley more time to help Sally plan the wedding.
4. Ashley can finish another semester of school at BYU, which means one semester closer to graduation.

Fourth, the decision: January or May. You decide...


  1. You guys are adorable together.

    Well, this is a tough question.

    In making the decision, I wouldn't worry too much about the weather, etc. Yes, a May wedding would be MUCH lovelier, but that probably doesn't matter as much as getting to be together. And as far as planning the wedding goes, I'm not Sally, so this is easy for me to say, but it seems doable between now and January.

    However, the stuff about Ash's education is a better reason to perhaps wait. Her education is obviously important. I'm also a huge advocate of long courtships...I think it makes the first year of marriage a lot easier; however, engagement is different than courtship, so I'm not sure what to advise.

    So, yeah, I am no help. I will be happy either way!!!!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!

  2. What's the bigger con? If weather and the stress of planning a wedding is a bigger con than being apart, then wait. Keep in mind that Chase and I were engaged for 5 months ourselves, it's do-able, and in order for all my family to be there I had to wait 5 months. It was a bigger con not to have all my family present so we waited. And also keep in mind that although the scenery is yucky in January here in SLC, in May you risk it raining. It rains a lot in May...just throwing that out there. Anyway, you got to do what's best for you. I know this may be the seminary answer, but pray about it :) Chase and I both felt at peace waiting. That helped in making the decision. I'm excited either way.

    Side note: If you do get married in January will you live in Provo or Pocatello???

  3. Hey, Ashley! I'm glad I found your blog on Ryan and Rachel's. Congratulations on your engagement! I heard you guys were getting married in May. But, just for your info, sometime in May (I don't know when) all the spring flowers on Temple Square are torn up and there aren't any flowers. Max's cousin got married in May and there weren't any flowers planted yet. Just something to think about. Have fun planning the wedding!

  4. HEY YOU LOVE BIRDS! it's Diane, Ashleys favorite cousing :) (that is self-proclaimed) I found your blog on Rachel and Ryans sidebar. You can get married whenever, but from looking at pictures of weddings, the snow pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could have gotten married in the snow.

  5. I miss you Ash! And I wish you had been dating Nate when I had been in Provo so I could meet him. I vote May. As someone who did get married between semesters, it was stressful! I let my dad and Sarah plan the whole thing. And I know it "doesn't matter" but it stinks to take pictures in the snow. Boo! :)

  6. FREAKIN JANUARY!!!!! GAY BOB!!!!!- love, j-dawg
    That is my opinion and I think Alisa would agree!!! Nevertheless, you could meet in middle!!! SpringBreak BABY!!!!

    IDK if you will even see this and I know my oponion won't matter! We love ya both!! And are just glad to see ya both happy whenever it happens!