Thursday, January 2, 2014

Kate is One

 It is hard to believe it has been an entire year since Kate came into this world.  It seems like it was just yesterday.  My feelings of her birth are still close to my heart.  When you hold a new born baby it is like you are holding heaven.  For weeks after, I remember just looking down at my perfect baby and cry.  They were tears of joy and gratitude.  I could not believe this little precious baby was mine and Heavenly Father would bless me with this sweet spirit.  I love Kate more and more each day.  She makes life so fun and I am so grateful I get to be apart of her life.
Kate had an exciting month.  The big news of the month is Kate is a walker!  She took her first steps a week before Thanksgiving.  By the Monday after Thanksgiving, Kate preferred walking over crawling.  While my mom put up the Christmas tree, Kate walked in circles around the house.  There was a lot of falling and getting back up but Kate was determined to walk.  She did this for about an hour and could have kept going if I hadn't stopped her for a nap.  Kate maybe the shortest walker I know but she sure is the cutest little walker around.

Kate had her one year check up a day after her birthday.  She weighed in at 16lb. 5oz. (1%) and 27 inches (4%) tall.  She is just a little thing.  Two more teeth came in this month making six total teeth.  Kate seems to be a very healthy baby.  She has been really lucky in the sickness department.  I only remember her getting a fever once and a cold once.  I hope her good health sticks around.  We all know a healthy baby is a happy baby which also makes mommy happy!

As I look back at pictures of Kate this past month I can see she is looking more and more like a toddler.  My baby girl is growing up and I can see it in her face.  The facials she makes seem so grown up.  Her walking makes her seem older as well.  It is really amazing how much a baby changes over a year.  Kate went from a helpless baby who was dependent on me 24/7 to a one year old who eats table food and wants to feed herself, says a few words, walks, plays with toys, gets into everything, usually knows when she shouldn't be doing something and looks at me to see how I am going to react, loves to give kisses, has the cutest fake/courtesy laugh, loves stuffed animals and is starting to do what I ask.  I am amazed each day at what Kate is learning and how much she is growing into the cutest one year old!  

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