Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hurray for ONE!

Kate had a Birthday shout hurray!
Kate turned one on Sunday.  
We celebrated a day early with a fun party with family.
We started the day off at Lava Hot Springs to swim in the indoor kiddie pool.
It was fun for everyone and the temperature of the pool was a perfect 92 degrees. 

We then came back to Pocatello for pizza, presents and cake.
Kate sure loved her presents! 
 She was excited about everything she received.  
She would give her presents hugs and kisses.  It was sometimes difficult to get her to open another present because she was so excited about what she already had.  Her facials were priceless and perfect.  It was so fun to watch her reactions to the all the fun gifts. 

Kate was pretty delicate with her cake.  I thought she might like getting the cake everywhere since she sometimes makes a mess of her food but she took little bites and only ate about 5 bites of the cake.  I was totally fine with it!  I didn't have a huge mess to clean up and didn't have a baby who was on a sugar high. 
Kate's birthday went so much better than I expected.  She wore the hat I made her!  When we tried it on her the day before she kept ripping it off so I was sure she would do the same for the party.  I'm in love with the hat and so glad she kept it on.  It made all the pictures so cute!   She also loved swimming!  She loved her gifts and her expressions to her presents made everyone feel like a million bucks because she was so excited about them.  And she didn't love her cake too much!
I don't think I could have planned it any better!

It was so fun to celebrate Kate's day with my parents,
Nate's parents,
 Ryan, Rachel, Noah,
and Camille and Andrew who we didn't get a picture with:(

Nate and I are pretty lucky to have Kate as our daughter.  
She is full of spunk. 
She has quite the expressions that make us cringe but laugh at the same time.
She keeps us on our toes with her speedy walking skills and her love for discovering new things!  It seems like she is always pushing the limits of what she can get away with but we realize it is all part of being a toddler and trying to figure out this crazy life we live in. 
 She may already be a handful but she is the joy of our lives.
  She loves life, which helps us see life in a new light.  It is the little things that really bring true happiness!
 So glad you are apart of our family Kate!  We love you!
Happy 1st Birthday!!

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  1. Love the hand on hip shot! What a diva!

    She really is the cutest. I love her personality and spunk--just shows how fun and smart she is.

    Thanks for letting us be a part of the fun day!!