Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pocatello in May

Before Nate started studying for the bar we spent some time in Pocatello. 

While we were there, my little, big brother received his mission call!  He will be serving in the San Fernando California Mission.  I am so proud of him.  I know he is ready to serve and will be a great missionary!  He leaves on August 28th.

We were in Poky over Memorial Day so we spent some time at the cemetery visiting my Grandma Nielson's grave, along with other Nielson relatives and family members on the Carlson side.
 I was really close to my Grandma Nielson.  I spent a lot time at her house when I was a child.  I always enjoyed playing games with her, doing puzzles, painting our nails, making cookies, picking raspberries, helping her in her garden and selling cucumbers on her front lawn.  I have such fond memories of her.  I am pretty lucky that I get to remember her each time I look at my wedding ring.  My main diamond was hers.  My grandma actually left it to my mom but my mom decided to give it to me.  I love that I have a little part of her with me.  
I always thought Grandma Bonnie would be alive for when I got married and always hoped she would be here when I had children.  She may have not been alive when Nate and I got married or when Kate was born but I am positive she was watching over me with love and excitement in these important times in my life.  I am sure she would have loved Nate and would absolutely love Kate and her big, bright eyes.

On one of the days I went to Utah with my parents.  We stopped to see my Grandpa Stratford.  This was Kate's first time meeting her great-grandpa.
We also visited my Grandma Stratford at the nursing home.  She has dementia and cannot remember much.  It is hard visiting her because she rambles and nothing makes much sense that she says.  So... it is pretty difficult to have a conversation with her.  The one great thing about seeing her is she is usually excited to have visitors.  I am sure it gets lonely at the nursing home so she loves when people come to see her.  She loved meeting Kate!  She couldn't get over how cute she was.  I am sure we made her day by introducing her to Kate.  Kate enjoyed Grandma Barbara, too, and gave her some great smiles!  
Kate also met some of my aunts and cousins. 
Kate loved grabbing the leaves on the tree outside grandpas house.

Kate is getting good at standing on Grandpa Nielson's hands.  
She is starting young at being a "flyer!"
Kate has started to become more cuddly and lovey dovey.  
It makes me a happy momma!
Pocatello, we will see you again soon.


  1. Yes you will!! :)

    Love the pics of Kate! And loved reading about your memories of Grandma Bonnie!!

  2. Kate is so cute! And I also loved hearing about Grandma Bonnie. I envy that you were able to spend so much time with her when she was here. What a wonderful lady.