Monday, June 24, 2013

6 Months

My baby turned 6 months old last week. 
She brings a lot of joy into my life.  
My love for her grows each and every day.
She is one special little girl.

I am happy to say Kate is getting over her stranger anxiety stuff.  We went to Pocatello for a week and she never had a bad crying episode.  She has gone to a couple of people at church for short periods of time and has done great.  I still get nervous giving her to people cause you never know with Kate what will set her off.  So far she hasn't really cried but if she starts fussing then I take her back to make sure she doesn't explode.  I hope it continues to get better!

 Kate has the cutest, sweetest voice.  Nate and I love it when she is in another room by herself and she begins to talk.  We will peak in and watch as she explores and talks to herself.  She has become quite the talker!


This month Kate learned to roll from her back to her tummy.  She now loves being on her tummy.  If I lay her on her back she will roll over.  She is much happier on her tummy than her back.  She can see and play with things on a whole new level.  Kate now sleeps mostly on her tummy.  I always start her on her back but she prefers to sleep on tummy so she always rolls over.  I know with SIDS they say they are supposed to sleep on their back but there is no way I am going to wake up multiple times during the night to make sure she is on her back.  Kate is not the best sleeper but she sleeps so much better on her tummy than her back so I am not going to disrupt her peaceful sleeping. 

Since Kate spends a lot of time on her tummy she has begun to push up on her hands and knees.  She doesn't really move but she can kind of push herself backwards.  In a couple more weeks she will probably be crawling.  Crazy.

 Kate is working on sitting by herself.  She is stable if she is sitting still but once she starts reaching for things side to side she usually falls over.  It is hard to believe my baby is starting to sit.
This past month Kate seems so much older because she is doing more human like things such as sitting, rolling all over the place and even eating food!

Kate is a smiley baby but she doesn't laugh a whole lot.  Nate was able to get Kate really laughing a few weeks ago, though.  I am so glad I got it on video because I haven't heard her laugh like this since.  It is pretty hard to get her to laugh continuously but she will do small laughs that almost seem fake.  I love watching this video and even Kate likes watching it.  She loves to look at pictures and videos of herself.  She gets pretty excited to see how stinking cute she is!

I really cannot get enough of this girl.  Love Her.

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  1. She is the sweetest! Love her and can't wait to see her soon!