Monday, October 29, 2012

Where did you go October?

How is is already the end of October?  
October has kept us busy and has flown right by us. 
 We were able to go to Sun Valley for a couple of days at the beginning of the month. 
Nate was able to help out with a work conference at the Sun Valley Inn.
It was a short trip but we were able to enjoy the fun atmosphere and beautiful scenery of Sun Valley.

 In the middle of October, we were lucky enough to have visitors.  Rachel and Noah came to visit for a couple of days.  We had lots of fun talking, eating, going to the temple open house and enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

 Noah had changed a lot since we last saw him in February.
Back in February, Noah was rolling to get from one place to another.  He wasn't talking but he was a chubby, loveable baby.
Now he is a walking toddler who loves to talk.  Most of it is gibberish but we all go along and agree with him on whatever he is saying.  It is fun. 

Noah and Nate really liked each other.  Noah had a few breakdowns and no one was able to calm him down except Nate.  It was crazy because right when Nate would take him he would stop crying.  Its not like Nate did anything special but he really helped Noah settle down.  
It was amazing and we were all grateful when Noah was back to his happy self!  
I hope Nate still has that magic touch in a couple months.

My two oldest brothers are 17 months apart.  Noah and his cousin will be about 17 months apart.  When I would hold/carry Noah I would imagine my mom being my size with a 15 month old.  I don't know how she did it?  It was hard for me doing it for a few days but she did it for months.  It was crazy to think about and really put into perspective what it was like for her.

 Noah loves being outside.  I think he might be his happiest when he is outside.  There is so much to explore and see outside and he absolutely loves to explore.  

Noah knows the word flower and knows that you smell flowers.  At Julia Davis Park they have a rose garden and some roses were still in bloom.  
Noah enjoyed saying flower and smelling the beautiful roses.

 Noah loves to play in the leaves.  He loves how they crunch when you step on them.
Noah couldn't get enough of running through the leaves. 

 Noah is such a big boy.  
He goes down the big slides and loves every minute of it. 

 My parents came for 2 days while Rachel and Noah were here.  They weren't going to miss out on seeing their adorable grandson.

We also celebrated my birthday a little early with dinner and a rocking chair/slider, perfect for when the baby comes.
 Noah helped me try it out.  He wasn't as excited about it as I was.

This past week I celebrated my "golden birthday,"
24 on the 24th!
It was a simple birthday, which I liked.
Nate took me to the Cheesecake Factory for some delicious Lemoncello Cream Torte Cake.  
It is one of my favorite desserts there.

On the 24th I also reached 31 weeks.
 It is sometimes hard to see the difference in size from week to week but these two pictures from week 27 to 29 really show the difference.  
27-still some loose fabric.
29-shirt is form fitted to my belly.

Maybe I should start wearing the same shirt every week to get a better idea of the size difference.

Other happenings this month.  
I finished piecing a quilt for baby girl.  
I cannot wait to see what it looks like when the quilting is done.  

I think we have narrowed down our list of names for the girl in my tummy: Ava, Kate or Mia.
I'm not sure which one I like the most?  It seems to change every day.  I'm pretty sure we will wait to name her until we see what she looks like and then make a final decision.  

  We also enjoyed a couple of these delicious apples this month.
I'm sure we will enjoy more of them in the coming months!

 Thanks for coming October, we wish you would have stayed a little longer.


  1. It was SO fun to see you!!! We loved every minute! And thank goodness for Uncle Nate--seriously, he had the magic touch with Noah when he was cranky.

    Miss you. Hope you had a fantastic birthday.


  2. You look like a model even when you are 31 weeks pregnant. :)

  3. Thank you for updating! You answered all the questions I have had about you and the baby.
    So excited for you. How adorable is that Noah? Seriously!?!

  4. you are so dang cute. love that little belly! AND ALL 3 NAMES ARE DARLING!