Saturday, September 22, 2012

Goodbye Summer, Welcome Fall

I love the fall season.  
I love the weather, colors, clothes, food and holidays that come with it.  Last week we spent the weekend in Pocatello.  On Sunday my dad took us on a drive up in the hills/moutains to see the leaves changing on the trees.  The colors were amazing.  I cannot wait to see the leaves change color here in Boise.
This picture does not do the colors justice.  The red was so vibrant.
Before I get caught up in fall, I better post about our summer.
Our summer was pretty low key but we were able to do a couple of fun things. 

At the end of May my family got together for a weekend.  
We went caving with my Uncle Dave and his wife, Valerie.  They love to explore caves and wanted to take us along for an adventure.  
They took us to the middle of nowhere in Southeast Idaho to an underground cave that was formed by lava flow thousands of years ago.
We are ready to go!
Entering the cave.
 The cave was pretty easy.  It was tall and very open.  
Once we had to crawl on our hands and knees.
It is amazing how caves are formed and then preserved.
It was fun to spend time with family and cannot wait till the family is all back together.

In July we spent the 4th of July week apart.
I spent the 4th in Sun Valley with my parents and Cole and Sara. 
I love the beauty of Sun Valley and the surrounding area.

We enjoyed hiking to a lake.

Love the Moutains.
The mouth of the Salmon River is somewhere down there.
 We went on a couple of bike rides.
We also went to an ice show, watched the small town fireworks, and celebrated my dad's birthday!

 Nate spent the 4th in White Clouds with his dad, Andrew, brother-in-law and nieces.
They spent the days hiking, fishing and playing games.
There was still lots of snow in the moutains and parts of the lakes were still frozen.
Maybe some day I will make the trip to the White Clouds but I am not big on camping. 
For now I will just enjoy looking at the pictures.    

The week before school started Nate had a week long class in Moscow.
It was a crazy, busy week for him but he got 2 credits from it so I think it was worth it.
While he was in Moscow going to class I was in classes at Education Week in Provo with my mom, Tanner and Alli.
It was my first time to EW and it did not disappoint.  It was a great week of being spiritually uplifted by words and music.  I came away wanting to be a better person, wife, daughter, sister, and friend.

In the evenings we spent time with Cole, Sara and Derek.
One evening we went to Bridal Veil Falls.
At the end of the week we went to President Monson's Birthday Celebration at the Conference Center in SLC.
President Monson really knows how to celebrate a birthday.  The music was spectacular and it was fun to see pictures of Pres. Monson over the years. 
It was a great way to end the week.
My dad flew my back to Boise.  It was the smoothest plane ride and baby girl didn't make me sick!
 I made it back in time to spend the end of Nate's b-day with him.
Too bad I am a horrible wife and didn't get him anything.  Luckily his parents were in town to help celebrate and make it a little more exciting!

At the end of August my parents took my to New York City for the U.S. Open.
When I was in high school they took my older brothers.  
My mom decided it was my turn to go and it was the perfect timing before baby comes.
We took the redeye to NYC.  I probably slept a total of one hour on the plane.  I am surprised I survived the week by starting the trip off with so little sleep.  We got into NY around 6 in the morning on Thursday.  We had to stick around the airport for like an hour and ahalf because they never put my mom's luggage on the plane and they couldn't find it in SLC.  They finally got things worked out and she ended up getting her luggage the next morning.
By the time we got to the city we decided that we wouldn't take naps like the original plan.  Instead we made our way to Central Park.  We rented bikes and road around the park.  I never realized how big it was until riding around it.
We rode about 6 miles around the whole park.
Central Park pretty much has everything.  There is a zoo, museums, toys, a free swimming pool (ice rink in the winter), trails to run and hike on, restaurants, monuments, a lake, a pond, a reservoir and thousands of people.  If I lived in NYC and lived near Central Park I would go there all the time.
That evening we went to Wicked.  It was amazing.  The music was amazing.  The acting was amazing.  The costumes, choreography, lighting, props, staging were all amazing.

The next two days were spent at the U.S. Open. 
We watched Andy Murray, who ended up winning the tournament.
We also saw Lleyton Hewitt, Del Potro, John Isner, Kim Clisters, and some young, up and coming Americans.  We didn't get to see Federer, William sisters, or Djokovic because they were always playing in Arthur Ashe Stadium  but we were able to still see some amazing tennis!

On Sunday we went to Long Island to spend the day with my sis-in-law Alli's family.
We went to church, walked the beach and enjoyed good food.

We wish we could have spent more time on Long Island but we were homeward bound the next day.

Our summer adventures are over but our fall ones are just beginning!  
It should be a busy fall as we start preparing for Baby Cuoio to come into this world!

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  1. A girl! I'm really excited for you. You are going to be the best mom. I forgot, when are you due?