Thursday, June 24, 2010

BeST dAy of My LIfE!

4 weeks ago (May 27th),
Nate and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple! It was the best day of my life.
The day went by so fast. It almost seems like it was a dream but it was the best dream I have ever had and I am glad it really happened!!

The day was absolutely perfect!
We were blessed to have family and close friends
at the temple to be apart of our special day. The ceremony was beautiful and I
loved the spirit I felt in the sealing room. I loved kneeling across the alter
from Nate. He is one good looking guy!
The weather was also perfect. My mom had been praying for months for
good weather and all that praying helped since we were blessed with cloudy,
70 degree weather (perfect for taking pictures in).

After the wedding, we had a dinner with our family and
close friends. We had a live band so we danced the night away. There
were some great memories made on the dance floor including:
1st Dance With My Nathan (he has dancing skills),

Dancing With My Dad (I did not know he had so many moves),

Dancing With My Grandpa Nielson.

The day went perfect and I believe it was the best wedding ever!!
Thank you family and friends for supporting Nate and I on our wedding day. We love you all and were so glad we could spend our Wedding Day with you!


  1. YAY! Finally, a wedding post! I was wondering when we would get one of those! And I am honored to see my photos featured. :) There's a cute photo of you and Grandpa dancing in my Flickr album if you want to post that one as well.

    It was a PERFECT day. So fun! Your dad keeps saying that we need to do it again! (I told him to start harassing his other sons to get girlfriends.)

  2. That was Rachel, by the way. (As if you didn't know.)

  3. I am so happy for you both! Nate you look very handsome and Ashley you look stunning. I love the bow on the dress! I am still so sad that I missed all the festivities, but we do have a gift for you! Nate, email me and let me know when you guys are moving (I'm assuming you're in Poky until school starts). Congrats again you two!