Tuesday, April 20, 2010


On April 9th, I went to the Idaho Falls Temple to receive my endowment. It was a special day filled with new information. Even though I did not understand everything, I felt the spirit and went away from the temple filling great. I was not scared at all to go. I was excited and ready to go. I cannot wait to go again to gain more knowledge. I was lucky to have the support of my mom, my dad, Derek, Cole, Nate, Nate's mom and dad, Nate's sister Nikole and her husband Jeff and my grandpa Nielson. I have such great family and I am marrying into a wonderful family too!

That same night Nate found out that he got accepted to University of Idaho for law school. It was great news because Nate was going to have to make a payment (which he did not want to do) to Drake the next Monday to save his spot if he had not heard from Idaho. Since he got into U of I, we will be going there in the fall. It is not my first choice but it is the least expensive and in the long run it will be good not to be in a lot of debt. I am excited and scared for the new adventure Nate and I will have. I will also be able to finish up school in Moscow by taking a textiles class and then finish a few generals online. I will also be able to do my student teaching there in the winter.
(this is Nate's lawyer face)

I finished up my last semester in Provo this week. Nate has asked me if I am sad and to be honest I am not. I have had my experience in Provo and am ready to move on to a new experience. I will miss my friends and some teachers but I am glad to be leaving the Provo scene. I am excited to be back in Pocatello close to Nate and family. I never thought I would see the day when Nate and I would be living in the same city again!! It has been long 8 months of talking on the phone (Nate absolutely hates talking on the phone) and driving back and forth from Provo to Pocatello. We are both grateful we do not have to do it again!

I also heard some great news from my grandpa Nielson. When I was home two weeks ago, my grandpa told me that my grandma wanted me to have her china!! Can I tell you how happy and excited I was? I wanted to register for fine china but I knew that it was expensive and probably no one would buy it, so I went with the casual china. But now I will get fine china. A few weeks ago I was actually wondering who had gotten my grandma's china and I had this wish that I would get it but thought it would never happen. When my grandpa told me about the China I could not believe it because what I thought actually came true. My grandma must of known I would have loved her china. I was thinking about how special the china would be and how I will be able to tell my children stories about their great grandma and grandpa Nielson when we use the china.

One year ago, this weekend, Nate asked for my number...In 5 weeks we will be married!!

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  1. This is Rachel and Laura. (We are together this week.) We think your photos are adorable and you are gorgeous! Congrats on the temple!