Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10 Months

Time is flying by.  
Every month seems to go by faster with my baby Kate.
This past month seems like a blur and I am not even sure what new things Kate did or learned.

One new thing is for sure, when it comes to eating Kate wants to do it herself.  She has become little miss independent.  If I try and feed her she usually refuses but if I put the food into her hand she will put it right into her mouth.  She is becoming more picky by the day it seems.  She is not into the baby food these days and is not to fond of anything besides cheese, yogurt and crackers/bread.  She is good at trying new foods but will take a few bites and then brushes the rest off her tray.
Kate is still a speedy crawler.  I keep thinking she is going to start walking but with how good she gets around with crawling it might be a couple more weeks.  She has no problem with standing up onto things.  She even stands on her tiptoes, like a little ballerina, when trying to open cupboards.  It is pretty cute.  Kate does a little bit of walking around furniture but if she needs to get somewhere fast, she sits down and crawls. 
I feel like Kate has the most energy of any little baby.  She literally does not sit still.  You should see her at church.  All the other babies her age or older sit so nice on their parents laps but not Kate.  She goes back and forth between Nate, my mom and I every 30 seconds.  It is exhausting.  If she is on the ground she is getting into everyone's bags to see what fun treasures they have.  People even comment on how much energy she has.  It is almost like she is on a sugar high 24/7.  It is nice living at home so I can get a break every so often.  I thought I would get past the "sleeping when baby sleeps" phase by 10 months but I still need a nap when Kate naps. 
With all this energy comes a lot of fun, too.  Sometimes it is hard see it because I would love some quiet, cuddle time with Kate but I really wouldn't change it for anything.  Kate has so much energy and excitement for life.  Her joy for life comes through her laughs, smiles, exploring new things and baby talk.  When I hear or see those things I cannot help but be happy.  The thing that brings her the most joy right now is her family.  The life and light that comes to her face when she sees someone she loves is heartwarming.  It is one of the best feelings I have felt.  Through her face I know she loves me and it melts my heart.  Kate is a great example to me of her joy for life and I am trying each day to rub some of her joy onto myself.  I hope she always has this joy and excitement for living!

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