Wednesday, August 21, 2013

8 Months!

 Kate has had an exciting month!  
She has hit some big milestones!
First off, Kate has become mobile.  At the end of July she started crawling.  Crawling has led to getting into everything, following me around the house, pulling on my leg and pulling herself up.  Next thing we know she will be walking.  We hope it takes a couple months for her to figure it out but she gets stronger and smarter every day so who knows it maybe next month.  Kate loves being able to move but with it has come bumps and bruises.  Falling down has not stopped her though.  It just seems to make her try harder.  She is a pretty determined baby and I am amazed at what she has learned and figured out this past month.  Having a mover on our hands has made life a little more crazy. 
Kate has become very talkative this past month.  When she is playing by herself she goes off babbling like she is talking about what she is doing.  It is the cutest thing.  She is also a big talker when she is sitting in her highchair.  Her favorite word is ba-ba but she is starting to say mama!  Hearing my name melts my heart even if she might not know she is saying my name. 
Kate got her 1st tooth this past month.  It is not easy to see since it hasn't grown all the way in but it has cut through her gum.  She has handled teething pretty well.  She hasn't gotten a fever and she hasn't been too grumpy.  She does chew on everything whether it be shoes, bar stools, toys, my arm, or books.  If she can get to it, it goes into her mouth.
I sure love this big, hazel eyed baby of mine!

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  1. I can't take her cuteness! Congrats to Nate on getting a job. Hope all is well!