Wednesday, July 24, 2013

7 months

My little sunshine turned 7 months last week.
It was a rough week.  It was my first time being sick as a mom.  I will just say, a mom should never have to be sick when she has a baby or children.  It was not easy taking care of what seemed to be a more than normal fussy baby with a sore throat, body aches and exhaustion.  I am hoping I get a very long break until I am sick again.
 Kate had her 6 month check-up last week, even though she is 7 months.
She weighed 13lb 12oz and 24 1/2 long.  About the 5th% for both.  She might be little for her age but the proportion of her weight to her length is perfect.  She is a healthy 7 month old with chubby cheeks and rolls on her legs. 
 At 7 months, Kate loves to be outside. We spent a couple of days at the pool and a day at Eagle Island playing on the beach.  Kate is so content outside so whenever she becomes too grumpy to handle we head outside to enjoy the warm weather.  She loves riding in the stroller, laying on a blanket looking around at the cars going by, at the leaves on the trees, and enjoys picking at the grass.  She could spend all day every day outside.
Kate loves her momma.  I am her favorite and I hope it stays that way forever.   Her eyes follow me around the room.  She gets very interested in what I am doing so I talk her through things like me unloading the dishwasher, doing my hair or me making dinner.  I love when I can make her laugh or when I peek around the corner and a huge smile appears on her face.  It makes me feel like a million bucks when I get a huge grin from her.
Kate loves to put everything in her mouth.  I know this is the way babies learn but it can be hard to watch her put a dirty shoe in her mouth.  Luckily she hasn't gotten sick from the dirty things that end up in her mouth.  She is becoming quite the mover.  The time has come to baby proof.   Kate can get to anything within rolling and reaching distance.  Kate also loves food.  Her favorites are bananas, watermelon and squash but she also eats applesauce, carrots, sweet potatoes and oatmeal.  She dislikes green beans and the baby food meats, which look and smell gross.  I would say Kate has mastered sitting up.  She can sit for long periods of time and when she gets sick of sitting she leans forward to get onto her stomach.  Every once in a while she tumbles over but I don't worry about her falling over face first anymore.
Kate is a good little shopper.  She can now sit in the shopping cart and loves it.  She is pretty dang cute sitting in the cart holding onto the bars.  We get stopped by all sorts of people.  They love to comment on her big eyes with her long eyelashes.  If Kate isn't too shy she will give a smile and then they really can't believe how cute and adorable she is!  I always agree with them:) 
 Happy 7 months pretty girl!

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  1. LOOOOOOOOOVEE her. Want to squeeze her immediately!