Tuesday, January 22, 2013

one month

Kate reached the one month mark last Tuesday.

Kate is our noise maker.
She is rarely quiet.
When she is awake there is a lot of grunting and moaning.
When she is asleep there is more grunting, moaning and random outcries.
When she has her pacifier in she is grunting, moaning, and sucking with all her might.  
It is going to be difficult taking her anywhere without her making noise.
We like her noises for the most part because it makes her Kate.  

In Kate's one month of  life...    
She has moved. 
She made her first road trip to Sun Valley.
She spent the holidays in Pocatello.
She experienced her first Christmas.
She met her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.
She slept through her first movie, Les Mieserables.  It may be her last movie as a baby since she is so noisy.

Kate loves her mommy and daddy.
She loves her pacifier.
She loves to lay on mommy and daddy's chest. 
She loves to eat.
She loves to sleep.
She loves to cuddle when tired.
She loves to be held.
She loves her hands.
She loves to socialize and doesn't like when people leave her to entertain herself. 
She loves to sleep on her stomach and side but only when mommy is supervising.

At one month...
Kate has lost her hair on the top of her head.
Her eyes look blue.  
She weighs around 7 1/2 lbs.
She wears newborn diapers.
She fits best in newborn clothes but mostly wears 0-3 month clothes.


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