Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Noah's Big Weekend in Denver

This post is long over due. I have been meaning to blog about our trip to Colorado for over a month now but as you can see I haven't done it. Lets just face the facts, I am bad at blogging. Without further ado, here is our trip to Colorado.

Remember this cute little guy, Noah?
In February, the people that love Noah most headed to Colorado to celebrate him turning 6 months old. When most babies turn 6 months it is just one month older and another ordinary day for them.
For Noah, turning 6 months old meant his adoption would be finalized, he would receive a baby blessing and he could be sealed to his parents! His parents decided to do all three things in a weekend so family could be there for it all. That being said, Noah had a big weekend: on Friday his adoption was finalized, Saturday he was sealed and Sunday he was blessed. Noah was exceptionally good for the weekend (he has suffered from colic). Everyone, especially his parents, were grateful that he was happy, smiling, and enjoying the weekend!

I flew out to Denver a few days early to spend a couple extra days with Ryan, Rachel, Noah and my mom(who also flew in early). My mom and I stayed at Rachel's grandparent's (Jack and Elaine) house, who live a 1 mile away from her. It was so nice of them to offer part of their home to us. Elaine spoiled us with so many options for breakfast each morning. She is the cutest grandma and so fun. She is a tiny thing and she can eat whatever she wants. She says she loves it! Every morning she has a waffle with pure maple syrup. She was a doll.

On Thursday, the girls(+Noah) had a good time shopping, eating at the Cheesecake Factory, playing with Noah, feeding Noah, and making Noah laugh. Noah was a trouper and seemed to love shopping!

On Friday, Noah's adoption was finalized in court. We woke up early and headed to the courthouse, where Noah was officially adopted around 8:30.
Everything went really fast. The judge asked Ryan and Rachel each a question having to do with why they are great parents for Noah and how he has changed them. Then he approved the adoption and Noah was officially theirs!

Photo with the judge. The judge gave Noah the little bear.

Noah with his amazing parents. He is one lucky baby.

Rachel's sister, Sarah; Rachel's dad, Mike; Rachel; Ryan;
baby Noah; Mom and me outside the courthouse.

After the adoption, we went for breakfast where I had this amazing coconut Belgium waffle with topical syrup. It was like dessert but I didn't care because I was on vacation.
The rest of the day we hung out, went to the fabric store, I made dinner for my family who came in Friday night, spent time with Katie and Drew's families (Noah's birth parents), played with Noah, made a Noah tie, and just enjoyed being with family. I made my family Butter Tandoori Chicken with this recipe , that I got from a friend. It's an Indian dish and my family loved it. They raved about it said it tasted better than a restaurant. You should all try it out.

Saturday, was another big day for Noah. He was sealed on February 11, in the Denver Temple.
It was a special day. Noah looked adorable in all white. He also sported one of my ties! He might need to become my model for them.
Noah was a little fussy in the sealing room and was not too happy to have/try to put his hand on his parents for the sealing but it was a beautiful ceremony. A few tears were shed for this happy occasion.
After the sealing, family and friends celebrated outside the temple. A lot of pictures were taken to document this wonderful day. Noah was pretty chipper for the pictures even though it was freezing. He managed to get through it better than I did. From the pictures it looks like he was not dressed very warm but he was well layered under those cute clothes. Don't worry his mother was looking out for him.

Such a beautiful family! I love this picture.

All the family and friends who came to witness this special day.
Noah is really loved!

Nielson family

After the temple, we all headed to Olive Garden for late lunch/early dinner. We all enjoyed each others company. Later, we hung out at Rachel's dad's(Mike) house, played with Noah, and enjoyed some good laughs while playing the "celebrity" game.

The last day of our trip, Sunday, was also the day Noah was blessed by my brother Ryan. Noah sat very quietly in Ryan and the priesthood holder's arms. I was so impressed with how well he did. Noah is a pretty vocal baby and makes lots of noises but he sat very content, watching all the men around him. Ryan gave a beautiful blessing. Rachel wrote about it on her blog and she gave me permission to post it here.
Rachel says it so much better than I could ever so here it is:

He told him that the miraculous circumstances surrounding his birth had strengthened the faith of many people and that he will always be able to think of the selfless sacrifice of his birth parents as an example of Christ’s Atonement. He blessed him with health, happiness, and understanding. He told him that we love his energy and enthusiasm. He encouraged him to learn from his mother how to serve others (yeah, this was basically the sweetest thing ever--made me feel so good). He blessed him to feel his Heavenly Father's love and to remain close to Him throughout his life.

I thought it was beautiful. I especially loved how Ryan told him to learn from his mother. Rachel is the most service oriented, charitable person I know. She is always looking to help and serve others. She is always doing kind things for others. One thing I love is the cards she sends Whether to say hi, thank you, wish you a happy birthday or whatever it may be, she loves to write and send people cards.
She loves stationary and loves to shop for it.
I have been the recipient many times and it I love receiving them.
I really should learn a lesson or two from her about service.
Did you know she has a nonprofit organization? Click on the sidebar, "The Hogar del Nino Project," to learn more about it and help spread of the word. She is always looking for good volunteers.

Back to our trip in Colorado.
After church, we all went to Mike's house for lunch. He made his famous tortillas soup, along with cornbread and salad. It was delicious. I think we all over ate because it was so good. We also had yummy desserts.
Mike was a great host, offering beds and food to my brothers and sister-in-laws. He was a great host for the rest of the company who came to celebrate "Noah's weekend." He welcomed us into his home and made us feel like family (I feel like we practically are).

Blessing day!

We love Noah, and Callum (Noah's cousin).

Our trip to Denver seemed too short but it was a great weekend.
Thanks for the great weekend Rachel, Ryan, and Noah. We are so glad we were able to come for Noah's big weekend.
Noah, we love you and are so glad you are a part of our family!


  1. What a sweet post!! We love you, Ash! I told Sarah that if Noah had to vote for a favorite aunt, he would probably choose you. I thought she would be offended by that, but she agreed. :) She said she is too wild for him. Hahaha. I think it's fun that he has so many aunts with so many different personalities.

    We want to see you guys again soon! Tanner better hurry and put in his mission papers so we have an excuse for another reunion!

  2. Hey, did you know that you had already recommended that Indian recipe to me a year ago? Apparently you had it at an international foods night, and you sent me an email with this link: http://mu2recipes.blogspot.com/2011/03/indian-tandoori-chicken.html

    I was organizing my recipes this morning, and I noticed that both of the Indian recipes I've gotten from you are the same!! I guess it's that good! I am going to make it this weekend.