Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We love weddings

October and November consisted of weddings on the Nielson side.
Derek and Cole found amazing girls.
They are wonderful. We love them both!

The weddings took place in the Salt Lake Temple.
Both days were chilly but they were beautiful.

In October, Derek and Alli were married. I already posted about this but I am going to post photos from the photographer.

It's official.
Love this one.
We love dancing!
November was Cole and Sara's wedding.
They were married the weekend before Thanksgiving and the celebrating lasted for a week.
There was a dinner the night before their marriage, a reception in North Salt Lake on the wedding day and then the next week their was a reception in Pocatello.

Wedding Dinner
The Happy Couple

Utah Reception
First dance
Grandpa Stratford with the couple.
My cousin Ella
The day after the wedding, my parents took us to Grand America for brunch.
They have the best brunch.
The food is top notch.
Way too much food was eaten but it was delicious.
The happy newlywed couple also joined us.

The growing family
Between bites, we laughed.
Adored Noah.
Enjoyed one another.

Pocatello Reception
My mom sure knows how to decorate.
Mom's creamed pie.

Noah with his new tie I made him.
There was a lot of celebrating these past couple of months.
We enjoyed spending time with family and are grateful for the new additions to our family.

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  1. Fun! I hadn't seen that pic of you and Noah--I don't think I ever got the ones from the reception in Poky. I'll need to get those!