Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life is busy

Life has been busy around the Cuoio household the past couple of weeks. And when I say busy I mean school busy and only a little bit of fun for Nate mixed in.
So here is a run down of what has been going on.

*First off, today we celebrate 10 months of marital bliss!

*In February, Nate went to Washington D.C. and University of Virginia for a Federalist Society Conference. It was Nate's 1st time to the Nations Capital. Nate met Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and got his autograph. Nate really enjoyed seeing all the sites in Washington D.C. and listening to Clarence Thomas speak about his childhood and being raised by his grandfather.

University of Idaho students with Clarence Thomas

*For the past month, Nate has been very busy working on a law paper that is worth 50% of his grade. He spent all of his spring break working on it and this week he has spent his days and evenings working on it. Last night he was up until 2:30 working on it. I am so glad it is due tomorrow because I am sick of him working on it and his brain is fried so he needs a break.

*For the past 3 months, I have spent pretty much every moment of every day in Lewiston High School. I am happy to report that this past Friday was my last day of teaching! I will return to the high school for 3 days after spring break this week and then I will be DoNE with student teaching!
Student teaching has been a great experience and I have learned a lot but it has been exhausting and frustrating at times. After this experience I am not sure if I am cutout to be a teacher. I think I might be better off teaching mini sewing and cooking classes out of my home. Then I wont have to make lesson plans and I can teach people who actually want to learn what I am teaching. Doesn't that sound like a good plan?

Here is a picture of Lewiston High School. It was built in 1927 and is very run down.
Photo via.

*As I write this list of what we have been busy with it seems dinky and pathetic. But I tell you we have been busy. I feel like I do not stop from when I rise at 5:30 in the morning to when I crawl into bed at night. School has swamped me. I never thought student teaching would be so time consuming. I thought writing lesson plans would be a breeze...I was wrong. I am so excited for this week. It is my first spring break in 3 years! I am excited to sleep in (if my body will allow it), exercise, relax, and make some descent meals for my husband.

* I cannot end without announcing some great news! I am happy to report that a baby Nielson will be added to the family! My brother, Ryan and his wife Rachel will be adopting a baby boy in August. Our family could not be more excited for them. They are so deserving of this little one and I know they are going to be wonderful parents!


  1. Ashley, student teaching is a killer! I'm so happy for you that it's over! :) And that is sooo exciting about your brother's family!!! Congratulations!!

  2. Yay to being an Aunt!! You have been so busy! You deserve some R & R. It sounds like everything is going well for you guys. Hope to see you soon!! Love Ya!

  3. Teaching is SO HARD! This is my fifth year, and it still keeps me going from dawn until dusk! Hang in there! (And I think cooking and sewing classes from your home sound great, as long as you promise that we will live in the same town, so I can participate! I need some serious homemaking help!)

    And you are so sweet to post about the adoption. I couldn't be more excited. I need to call you soon!! I love you!

  4. That's so great for your brother and sister-in-law! How exciting! And I would totally sign up for your cooking and sewing classes if I ever lived close to you. That would be such a fun thing to do while raising kids. Miss you Ash!

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