Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bert Cuoio

This past weekend Nate and I went home to Pocatello to see this good man, Grandpa Cuoio.

Last week Nate's grandpa had a heart attack. Nate ended up not having class on Thursday and Friday so on Wednesday afternoon we headed to Pocatello to see grandpa before he passed away on Saturday at the young age of 97. We are so grateful we were able to spend a couple more hours with him on this earth.

I did not know Grandpa Cuoio very well but from the first time I met him I loved him. He was always very kind and nice to me. Grandpa Cuoio told Nate every time we went to visit that he did well, referring to Nate dating me and then later marrying me. Nate remembers his grandpa always wanted to know how he was doing and what he was up to. His grandpa wanted to make sure he was doing what was right. He was grateful his grandpa cared so much about him and cared about what he was doing in his life.

These past few days I have learned more about Grandpa Cuoio. He really had a love for baseball and played baseball in California and Texas for some major league farm teams. A fun fact is while Grandpa Cuoio was playing baseball in California he met and played with Joe DiMaggio.

Grandpa Cuoio was a great man and will be missed.

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  1. Nate I'm so sorry for your loss, and I'm sorry that I just found out. I hope you and your family have felt comfort and peace during this hard time.