Sunday, October 3, 2010

I like to make messes...

I like to make messes... when I cook.

Nate says I am really good at it too.

I cannot argue with him because he is right.

Look at what I did to myself today.

I don't think these pictures do the mess justice. The mixture of cocoa and water was everywhere. I think we might find cocoa in places we would not expect for the next few months.
It was horrible but funny.

I also bumped the cocoa off the counter and it ended up all over the floor...oops.

I will let you know I followed the directions but they were crappy directions. Right after I put the water, butter and cocoa together in the Kitchen Aid...I knew it would be disastrous. When I turned my Kitchen Aid on I realized I was probably supposed to melt those things in a saucepan. Too bad it was too late because everything had gone everywhere. I was right about the melting because as I read over the directions again it said to pour those ingredients into the dry ingredients. Well why the heck did they not tell me to bring those things to a boil on the stove? Oh well, Nate and I had a great laugh and the cake thankfully tasted yummy topped with ice cream and strawberries!!


  1. I am so relieved that it's not just me who makes a complete mess when I cook. I thought it was because I am such an amateur. But if a pro like you does it, then I don't feel so bad about myself.

    We need to talk sometime soon. I know your mom has been keeping you in the loop on everything, but I want to talk to you soon. Life is kinda crazy for us right now.


  2. Thanks for Telling me you had a bloG you little freak!! haha I didnt even know...HOw is moscow? WE should have gotten together before you left :( HOpe your loving married life!! I bet you are the best cook...Tell Nate he is lucky and should be proud to clean up the mess..because some hubbys dont get home cooking! haha like TJ